Safety Welding Glasses Shade 10 Goggles for Melting and Soldering by Novel – Specs and Review

These are Safety Glasses Shade #10. These eye protection glasses are made by ATHERMAL. The glasses have a Green Lens Glass and can be used for soldering as well as some melting projects. The #10 Shade Glasses are the darkest ones available.

ATHERMAL glass offers eye protection for welding operations. These glasses offer high optical quality, dimensional stability resistance to radiation, scratch resistance. The agreeable grey-green color of ATHERMAL assures observation without fatigue.

Glasses are black, lightweight plastic – very comfortable with adjustable earpieces and replaceable polycarbonate lenses. CE approved. You can’t get better.

Made in Germany

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Made By Reliable Company

This Safety Glasses Protective Glasses Shade 10 Goggles for Melting and Soldering is made by Novel one of the leading provider of safety goggles and sunglasses today. This company aims to give clients the best possible products, service and most essential an attitude of making the lives of their clients easier on an everyday basis.

Safety Glass Shade #10

This eye protection glass is made by Athermal, with green lens glass and can be utilized for melting and soldering projects. This is considered one of the darkest safety glass available at this point. Athermal glass provides eye protection for soldering and welding operations. This safety glass provides high optical quality, scratch resistance as well as dimensional stability resistance to radiation. The agreeable green-grey shade of Athermal assures you of stress-free observation.


The glasses are dark, black and made of super lightweight plastic material that is extremely comfortable and comes with easy to adjust earpieces as well as replaceable polycarbonate lenses.

CE Approved Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses Protective Glasses Shade 10 welding Goggles for Melting and Soldering is made by Novel is CE approved, so you cannot get better.


This is an essential feature as it keeps inside of the lens from fogging up as well as obstructing vision. This is also ideal for moist and damp conditions.

Hard Coating

This is one of the best welding safety goggles on the market due to its hard coating feature that lessens scratches which obstruct your vision thus minimize accidents and allows you to focus on your task. The hard coating features also offer longer life. You can make use of this safety goggles for a lot of years thus saves you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Reflective Coating

This reduces distracting reflections of lenses which make it desirable for soldering and welding jobs. This safety goggles undergo rigorous testing for impact resistance. Your eyes and eyesight are valuable. Regardless of whether you want a prescription or non-prescription safety eyeglasses, the investment one can make to keep the eyes and vision safe and will pay bonuses as you minimize the risk of injury.

Other Significant Features

  • The integrated rubber nose cushions of these protective eyeglass/goggles guarantee comfort fit as well as slipping protection. The anti-scratch lenses offer 99 percent Ultra Violet ray protection. Fog formation can be avoided by augmenting airflow in the vented frame.


Durable, Tough and Comfortable

The super lightweight and sleep style of this safety goggles makes sure that you will forget you are even wearing it after a couple of minutes of having this on. The lightweight nylon temples can be adjusted for pitch and length to make sure protection and comfort.

All-Around Security and Protection

This safety goggles provide you security when and when you want it most. The hard coated scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses keep your eyes safe from debris and impact and at the same time filter out and obstruct 99% of Ultra-Violet light.

Cool Design

This safety goggles have a retro and cool design incorporated with side guards for additional safety. This is quite a close fit. However, you may still be able to use it over prescription glasses. It comes with a lightweight and comfortable frame. The lenses are replaceable as well. Don’t miss the chance to grab this functional and trendy safety goggles.

Maximum Safety and Clarity

It comes with a lens which encapsulates your eyes for fantastic protection and is made to be utilized around soldering and welding sites or for cutting or light brazing. This is made to fit prescription eyewear better today.



Even if this considered one of the costly safety goggles today, still a lot of clients purchase this product due to the superb and exceptional eye protection it provides. This protects your eyes from dust and debris in the foam lines frame of the glasses. In general, the Safety Glasses Protective Glasses Shade 10 Goggles for Melting and Soldering is made by Novel is a good investment.

Tight Fit

Few users pointed out that this product is tight fit and painful if worn for no time limit, provided the fact that they are still working well.


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