Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses, Scratch-Resistant – Specs And Review

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Occupational health and safety are of absolute importance and protective gears that you choose will determine how safe you really are at work and even at home while doing welding jobs. Aside from safety gloves and vests, quality safety glasses are also ultimately important especially in keeping the eyes fully protected particularly when on the job. Flying debris, dust, chemicals, sparks and lights and just a few of the elements that need to keep the eyes fully protected from depending on the wearer’s occupation.

A high percentage of eye injuries can actually be prevented with safety glasses so you need to also ensure that when the need for these glasses arises, you choose the one that can provide you with maximum protection. After all, the main purpose of the best welding safety glasses is complete safety when working.

Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses

If you are on the market for safety glasses, the Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses is a highly considerable option you can take. This is packed with the most impressive features that you can never find in other safety glasses available in the market today.

Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses are unisex glasses which mean that this is suited for men and women. This product features a scratch-resistant frame, 3.0 lens color shade and with no foam lined feature. These safety glasses have full frame design and frame material used is nylon. The Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses is also noted for its 99%v UV protection feature.

Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glass Specs

Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses’ Important Features

The following are the important and beneficial features of Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses:

Infrared Light Protection

These safety glasses are specially designed to be utilized for minor or light welding works. Pyramex safety glasses for welding have a green-tinted lens which blocks the infrared light. The options for the lens’ shades are 5.0 and 3.0. This is not to be worn for heavier welding that needs the helmet.

UV Rays Protection

Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses have lenses that filter about 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. This product also exceeds the ANSI Z87 1-2003 Requirements.

3.0 Shade Lens

The 3.0 shade of the welding glasses’ lens is perfect for brazing and welding.

Pros and Cons of Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses

The following are the highlighted pros and cons of Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses that can help you decide whether to purchase these safety glasses or not:


  • Ultimate Eye Protection

Welding is a job that involves sparks and debris. These safety glasses are highly beneficial for this guarantees welders’ ultimate eye protection. With the special lenses, your eyes remain fully protected from UV welding light and infrared that are dangerous for you.

  • Makes Welding Job Easier and Safer

If you wear these safety glasses, you can be confident that you are safe while working. This prevents unwanted chemicals and debris from hitting your eyes. You can, therefore, concentrate on your job without worrying about anything.


  • Some have issues on the lens shade options.

Eye-related injuries are types of injuries that no one would really want to have. Everybody will agree that the eyes are the most precious yet sensitive parts of the body and these need to be protected at all times. It is for the reason that buying high quality, feature rich and durable safety glasses like Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses completely makes sense. This is an essential move to ensure eye care and protection.

welding Safety glasses have been around for many years and over the years, there have been numerous advancements made. The Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses depict modern creations with advanced features and designs.

If you work in the construction industry, you then need superior eye protection It is, therefore, a wise choice to pick safety glasses that essentially meet high standards so you can be sure that your eyes will be completely protected. There might be numerous safety glasses available but Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses is proven to be a great choice. This product combines quality and functionality and was made to address your specific needs. Settle for this brand for this is widely recognized for its good reputation. Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses is the best value product every welder should at least have.



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