Arris Tm822 – 2 Port 3.0 Modem DOCSIS 8×4 Ultra-High Speed Telephony Modem

✭ Backwards compatible with DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0
✭ Flexible 8×4 downstream/upstream channel-bonding with superior throughput
✭ IPv4 or IPv6 addressing modes for DOCSIS CM layer
✭ 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet interface
✭ PacketCable 1.0 and 1.5 compliant

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The Touchstone DOCSIS 3.0 8×4 Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adaptor (EMTA) TM822G delivers two lines of primary line Voice over IP (VoIP), Ultra-high speed data access, and multiple battery pack options to support telephony service during power outages.

With the TM822G, cable operators can offer data services at speeds greater than 300Mbps to their subscribers! Comcast may not activate in some regions. Please check with your cable company for modem compatibility. Full model # TM822G/NA-8


Arris Tm822 – 2 Port 3.0 Modem reviews


  • Toll grade voice performance equal to the industry-leading TM602/TM722 family of products
  • Two independent 96MHz wide RF tuners to receive downstream channels up to 1GHz
  • Configurable options for loop current, loop voltage management, and ringing waveform
  • Loop Diagnostics for remote testing and troubleshooting of in-house wiring
  • Advanced Diagnostics for easy troubleshooting – Call Quality Metrics for last fifty (50) calls

High Speed

Having a modem with high speed enables you to make the best out of your telephony services. The Arris tm822 – 2 port 3.0 modem comes with over 300 Mbps speed to provide you with quick and efficient data connectivity services. This way, you are able to communicate with friends and relatives all around the world quite conveniently.

Battery Pack Options

You don’t want instances where your telephony connection will be cut short any moment you face power outages. This Arris modem is featured with several battery backup options that ensure you stay connected even when there is no electricity. Note that the battery type is Lithium-ion, which is quite durable. If you live in an area that’s prone to electric interruptions due to storms or other factors, the arris tm822 – 2 port 3.0 modem could be your perfect choice.

Simple Activation

Once the modem is delivered from your favorite store, you will need to do the activation yourself. However, you don’t have to worry about it since the set-up is quite effortless with a technician from your internet provider. Important to note is that if you have been using Comcast telephony, you shouldn’t plug your phone’s wire into the modem without having a technician change the settings.


The modem provides 2 lines of primary voice over IP. The good thing with VoIP is that it doesn’t need the old-school telephone landlines. Also, there isn’t a stated difference between the local and international calls which is an added convenience for a user.

Advanced Diagnostics

The advanced diagnostics feature that comes with the modem provides room for stress-free troubleshooting for cable operators. Also, loop diagnostics are available for troubleshooting
in-house wiring and remote testing.

Configurable Options

For enhanced performance, this modem is designed with three configuration options. These include ringing waveform, loop voltage management, and loop current.


If you are in need of a modem that is compatible with most internet providers, this would be a great choice for you. It works with most internet providers including Xfinity. With this, you will be able to make the best out of the Arris Tm822 by enjoying both telephony and internet services. The modem is also able to function on bridge mode when connected to a router.

Multiple Ethernet Connections

The arris tm822 is designed with several Ethernet connections where one is meant for router connection while the other two are for phone connectivity. If you need to connect your computer or other LAN devices, you can be able to have them connected to the remaining ports. Another remarkable thing with this feature is that you can also add a wireless access
point to enhance your network functionalities.

Upload Channels

Featured with 8 by 4 configurations, the modem allows you to gain access to 8 upload channels and 4 download channels. This way you get to enjoy a wide range of telephony services.

Front Panel

Arris tm822 – 2 port 3.0 modem comes with a front panel with eight indicators for convenient use. Some of the important components of the panel are indicators of battery level, online status, power status and the line you are using. Basically, the panels show a
yellow indication for poor connections and a green one when the connections are strong. Indicators to show data that is received and sent are also included.

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Arris Tm822 – 2 Port 3.0 Modem review Arris Tm822 – 2 Port 3.0 Modem reviews Arris Tm822 – 2 Port 3.0 Modem

Specifications Compliance

Being quite a versatile connectivity tool, the modem is compatible with IPv6, T.38fax relay support, G.711, G.726, G.728 encoded speech code, and packet cable 1.0.


  • The cable modem is very convenient for home or small office use.
  • It comes with several indicators for low and fast connectivity, battery level, and online status.
  • Has back up battery to keep the modem running even when there are electricity interruptions.
  • It provides the user with over 300 Mbps speed.
  • The modem is not only used for telephony but also for internet connectivity.
  • It is compatible with most internet service providers.
  • Arris tm822 – 2 port 3.0 modem is designed with eight by four configurations that in turn provide 8 upload channels and 4 download channels.
  • Great for troubleshooting home wiring and remote testing as well.


  • Manufacturer’s warranty is not provided for customers that purchase the product at Amazon.
  • Only useful to small businesses or home telephony needs: cannot be used with larger enterprises.



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Warranty & Support

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here


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