50mm Circular Welding Lens, Green IR Athermal Shade 14 by Philips | Schott German Glass – Specs & Review

✭ Green Athermal Welding Lenses
✭ Top Quality Schott German Glass
✭ Shades 4-14 Available
✭ Standard 50mm Circular Welding Lens, Sold by the Lens not Pair
✭ Superior Green IR Protection for Exceptional Safety

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Many people are not surprised about the occupational hazards and health risks associated with welding. You are even at risk of eye damage because of optical radiation exposure by merely watching the sun. So, this is where you will need eye protection with the help of welding lens.

The sad thing is, the majority of the welders do not realize the importance of protecting their eyes and how much damage they might suffer. Eyes are not only at risk of being blinded caused by bright light but can be harmed by flying dust particles and debris. Also, they can experience eye irritation from fumes and gasses.

Is Shade 14 Welding Lens Necessary?

During the welding process, different welding applications are involved wherein optical radiations can be transmitted. And, this kind of radiation can both damage the eyes and skin. If welders are using welding helmets, they are not offered with adequate protection.

The only way to ensure that eye injuries or damage can be prevented is by using a pair of welding safety glasses with welding lens during daily welding tasks. Welding glasses have different fixed shades.

When buying welding glasses, it is essential to pick one that will offer a suitable level of cover for a particular type of work. Apart from that, you also need to consider the shade of the welding glasses. In the case that dark welding lens shades.

14 welding lens is considered to be the darkest lens shade in the market and the most protective welding shade. Welding safety glasses with 14 lenses are very dark where people can wear them while watching a solar eclipse. They can be used in all types of welding, including TIG and MIG. This glass lens is manufactured using the best quality materials giving the eyes with complete protection.

50mm Circular Welding Lens

What is 50mm Circular Welding Lens, Green IR Shade 14?

When it comes to welding lens, Green IT Shade 14 is among the top choices. It is a standard-sized green welding lens that is specially designed for standard welding. One of the reasons why many people choose this lens is that it is made of best quality Schott German glass and are sold by the lens.

Furthermore, it is free from bubbles, typical striations, and other defects when compared to Chinese glass lenses. Since it manufactured using high-end glass, users can expect for a clear view of everything, and at the same time, it provides maximum protection for eyes against UV rays and other harmful radiations.

50mm Circular Welding Lens, Green IR Shade 14 Unique Features

Green IR Shade #14 welding lens comes in distinct features making it popular in the market. This includes:

  • Best quality Schott German glass
  • Green Athermal welding lenses
  • Available in different shades ( 4 to 14)
  • Excellent Green IR Protection for Complete Safety
  • Sold by the Lens (not by pair)
  • Standard 50mm circular welding lens

Excellent Green IR Protection

It provides the lens an exceptional dimensional stability resistance against radiation energy.

Great Optical Grade

This offers the users a comfortable and more detail while observing or performing different welding applications and watching a solar eclipse.

Gold Mirror Coating

It ensures a complete reflection of the radiated heat resulting in a reduced amount of heat in the areas where eyes are exposed.

Grey-Green Color

It offers high-quality observation without worrying about eye fatigue.

DIN Certified

It ensures that this welding lens is made to offer the best quality performance and dependability against radiation. Complete, reliable eye protection is what this welding lens provides.


  1. More durable lens due to scratch resistance
  2. No reported eye fatigue even for an extended time
  3. The filter is flexible where it can fit different standard welding lenses
  4. Protects eyes from injuries or damage
  5. Less visual acuity
  6. Effective for viewing solar eclipse and sunspots
  7. Comfortable use


  1. The lens’ thickness causes internal reflections that diminishes the optical quality when watching the sun

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