How To Login To A Linksys Router? Complete Guide

Have you changed routers to replace it with Linksys? In any case, now you are faced with a dilemma: Can’t seem to login your new Linksys router?  Or how to access or login Linksys router? If so, this is the guide for you. We will explain how to login to a Linksys router step-by-step, simplifying as much as possible so that even if it is the first time, And we want you to be sure that you have configured it correctly to avoid unwanted users and to protect your private information by following these easy footprints, you will be able to login smoothly and running takes just a few minutes!  

Requirements to access the Linksys web interface

connect to it with an ethernernet cable

  1. A Linksys Router;
  2. Network Connection (through Lan-cable or Wireless);
  3. Laptop or PC.

Step 1# Connect to your Linksys network

Log in with a web browser. When you start setting up your router, connect it to a computer using an Ethernet cable. Why via ethernet cable? Because you will not need a user name & password if you connect via ethernet in case if you do not know wifi password. This will also assure you that you will not be disconnected if changes are made to the wireless network.

Step 2# Open a browser and go to

Open a browser and go to

After connecting the two devices, open the browser (eg, ChromeFirefoxInternet Explorer ) and try to connect to the router’s IP address indicated on the user’s manual by typing it in the bar at the top and then pressing the Enter key on the keyboard. Almost all Linksys routers can be accessed at “”

If the page is unreachable from all three of the above addresses, you can try to find the IP to access the router by looking at the back of the device; you should see a label with the address written on it

If you are not able to access the router from your browser, the “Management via web” option may be disabled. If so, press and hold the Reset button on the back of your router to reset the settings to the factory default values.

TIP:  If you experience connection problems or error messages while using your Linksys cloud account, follow troubleshooting steps by reaching Linksys Support.

Enter the Linksys router default login info

Enter the username and password for your Linksys router

Enter the login credentials username and password. When you try to access the router from the web, you will be asked for your Linksys router’s username and password. This information may vary from router to router, but the default values ​​should be noted in your documentation. If you cannot find it, you can reset the router to its factory settings and then search for the router model online.

  • The standard default user names are “admin”;
  • The typical default passwords are also “admin” or nothing.

The Linksys Wi-Fi Router’s web interface should now look like the one below:

Linksys Wi-Fi Router’s web interface

Note: If your login page seems different, then please remember that the web interface login page will appear differently as per which model of  Linksys Routers you are using.

Now you are connected with the Linksys web interface. Make appropriate different settings for Wi-Fi connection and personalized changes as per the need for security and protection of your internet connection accordingly. And enjoy speed hassle-free surfing with quality Routers called Linksys.

  • Warnings – Changing specific functions on a router may cause a malfunction. Remember to study the points you want to change carefully before applying them.
  • Advice – When using a wireless router, you can change security and access settings to allow or disallow wireless connections. Protecting your router with a password should restrict unwanted users from accessing your network and internet connection.

Below is the link to the Internet page for support and assistance.

We are hoping that this knowledge will be helpful to you for the purpose of your personal use. Thank you for your visit. Stay Connected!

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