HP Officejet 6958 pro Review: Is It Best Printer for Small Offices & Home Printing?

Whether it be for home or office use, high-quality printing creates a good first impression. It shows that you have put effort to make the best of every process of project or business process. This automatically showcases your business in good light.

On the other hand, low-quality printing is a big concern. It can make you lose current and future business. If you were preparing a report for work or school, low-quality printing can make the content unappealing to read even though you might have created excellent content. You have probably experienced problems with a printer you had. Or you have this printer that stops working abruptly and wastes a lot of paper. A printer that is inefficient in its work can be an unforgettable pain. It can be literally nerve-racking. That’s why it is important to take your time when looking for a new printer.

This HP Officejet 6958 review is aimed at helping you in your search for a reliable printer. We focus on this printer after finding out through research that it is one of the most commonly used home and office printers for light printing work.

About HP Officejet 6958 Pro Printer

Are you looking for a fairly-priced printer that perks a wealth of features, delivers competitive running costs and gives good output for text, photos, and graphics?

The HP Officejet 6958 is a medium-volume printer with copy, scan and print functions. It is perfect for small offices and workgroups. The Officejet 6958 is compatible with high-yield HP 902 XL ink cartridges and works perfectly well with Windows, Linux and MacOS.

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Manufacturer’s Sheet

Product type 
Letter-size small-office color multi-function printer
Printing method inkjet
Standard-sheet capacity 225
Height (in.) 8.9
Width (in.) 18.2
Depth (in.) 21.5
Text speed (ppm) 9.1
Ink cost/month ($) 4.9
Text cost (cents) 4.2
Graphics cost (cents) 15.3
4×6 photo cost ($) 0.3
8×10 photo cost ($) 0.95
Maximum paper size 8.5×14
Maximum paper basis-weight 77
Platform Windows, macOS, Linux
Number of cartridges  4

Explore the features of the HP Officejet 6958 and see if it is the printer you need.

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HP Officejet 6958 Review : Features and Benefits

Automatic document feeder (ADF)

With its auto-duplexing ADF, the Officejet 6958 will make your printing work quicker and easier. The main paper tray has a generous capacity of 225 sheets, which means that the printer can let you copy, scan, or print a 225-sheet stack in just one operation. This is beyond what many competing printers can do.

Built-in faxing

Investing in a printer that features fax functions in addition to scan and copy is a great way to save money and space in the office. The HP Officejet 6958’s cost is considerably lower than the combined cost of separate copy, scan and fax machines. Its multi-functional abilities give more reasons to seriously consider the printer for your low to medium volume printing tasks.

WiFi networking

Long gone are the days when the connectivity of a printer or any other auxiliary computing device could be limited to the length of connection cables. Fewer cables in your office or home is definitely a good thing especially if you like uncluttered spaces.

Being a WiFi printer, the Officejet 6958 connects to the office network and allows you to print from any location within the network’s range as opposed to only being able to print from a stationary computer.

In addition, multiple devices including smartphones and tablets can be paired with the printer seamlessly. This helps to improve efficiency at the workplace with regard to printing processes.

Cloud printing abilities

Cloud computing continues to influence business in major ways. HP hasn’t been left behind in making its devices compatible with cloud technologies. The HP Officejet 6958 is compatible with Google’s Cloud Print and Apple’s AirPrint. You can print documents directly from the cloud without having to save them on a physical device.

The printer also has a small console that enables you to operate the machine easily and perform additional tasks such as scanning to email. Cloud printing can lower your print costs by eliminating the need for buying, deploying, and managing hardware. It also allows companies to meet print-on-demand targets.

Go-green features

Using the HP Officejet 6958 printer is not only good for your business but also for the environment. The ENERGY STAR® certified printer comes with energy savings features including the HP Auto-Off and Schedule On and Schedule Off. Additionally, printing over the cloud reduces the number of machines you have to use which lowers your carbon footprint for the greater good. Automatic two-side printing also saves on paper and reduces the waste generated.

Verdict On HP Officejet 6958

With an impressive print speed of 9 color/16 black pages per minute, the HP Officejet 6958 is the favorite of many customers. The printer’s advanced features keep it ahead of the pack and make it an attractive bargain for its price. Check the current price of HP Officejet 6958 on Amazon. Don’t let this chance to streamline your printing processes pass you.

7 thoughts on “HP Officejet 6958 pro Review: Is It Best Printer for Small Offices & Home Printing?”

  1. Printer is very easy to set up, wireless was working in just a few minutes. I’m a new business woman and it works for home use perfectly. The quality is amazing. I’d recommend this printer!

  2. everytime you go to print, it has to do “maintenance” – sucks up ink and takes forever. don’t leave your printing til the last minute! We got it last fall sometime. I got all new toner cartridges on Nov. 1 and I had to replace them again before the end of January, and we don’t print that much! a full set of regular cartridges is over $70.

  3. Easy set up! Runs like a charm. This is a replacement for an older All-in-One Office Jet. I was just looking for an upgrade. This runs much faster and print quality is excellent. My daughter was very happy I purchased a new printer. Since I gave my old one to her. I am a diehard HP customer and am never disappointed.

  4. 6958 is the second HP printer that has stopped working after a short amount of time. This one only lasted 3 months and was barely used. Not happy.


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