Best Welding Safety Glasses Shade 14, 12, 10, 5, 3 Review & Buying Guide

Are you a beginner or practicing welder working in a garage or workshop? Have you realized what damage can the radiation produced in welding cause to your eyes?

Have you ever had an encounter with a welder who did their work without the proper welding glasses and listened to their story? You would not like it since they regret in their life for being reckless. Most welders get their eyes damaged by the radiation from welding arcs during their work. To protect yourself from this, you not only need welding glasses but also the best glasses. Now that you know glasses are necessary, it is time you get yourself a great pair.

Best Welding Safety Glasses Shades Review

It may not be a simple task to choose the best glasses without any knowledge over the same. Many people do not know what factors to consider when buying this glass shades. Do not worry; I am here to help with that. But First check out this table

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The number of glasses matters a lot. If you are not very keen you will have glasses which hardly protect your eyes properly due to the difficulty in choosing amongst the many available models and brands. The best safety glasses for welding come in the form of many shades. The shades are specified for various functions as well as the intensity of radiation produced. The darkness of the lenses helps to block the rays. The shapes of the glasses are modified to suit your face and head and still protect it from dust among other substances.

By writing this article, I will offer a solution to many welders who have been stranded without knowing what to buy to have their eyes protected. This will be through by reviewing several shades of safety glasses in terms of their features, pros, and cons, commonly asked questions and answers about the glasses and finally my final verdict over the same. As it is usually said, everything that has advantages has disadvantages so I will consider both.

Shade 3 Welding Glasses & Their Key features

Shade 3 Welding Glasses & Their Key features

+2 magnification for each lens

The lenses contain a magnification of +2 in these types of glasses, which enable one to easier see their workpiece. This increases the visibility of the targeted material. The lenses make it comfortable when light blazing, cutting material or when higher shade glass is not required. The magnification power will help to have a sharper focus on the material being worked on.

A very soft nose piece

These glasses have a nose piece which is relatively soft. This provides a space for free flow of air within the frames. It also makes breathing easier for the user. This makes them not only more comfortable but also stylish. With their accommodative shapes, they fit welders with medium heads and a bit loose for persons with narrow heads.

Scratch-resistant lenses

Shade 3 welding safety glasses have scratch-resistant. Therefore, they are able to last for a long period of time without getting damaged. It ensures that the user gets value of your money. The lenses provide a high percentage of protection against UVA/B/C radiation. We are talking about 99% of protection guaranteed from these brands of glasses.

ANSI high impact rating

They are rated of high impact on ANSI, which also guarantees their durability and service to the user. A fair bit of usage is ensured by this factor of the glasses. For soldering and torch brazing, one should rely on the shade of glasses.

Best Recommended Shade 3 Welding Glasses

If you would like to roll with shade 3 glasses, Pyramex Safety Emerge will be a great choice for you. It is top quality and very affordable.

Little info about Pyramex Shade 3.0 Safety Glasses,

  1. Scratch-Resistant
  2. Gloves, Eyewear, Ear Protection, Masks & Clothing
  3. Country of Manufacture: United States
  4. Manufacturer: Pyramex


  • The glasses are durable.
  • They are of unbelievable value· 
  • They are relatively cheaper compared to other glasses· 
  • They are stylish and comfortable· 
  • They offer maximum protection· 
  • They allow a steady flow of air


  • Can protect one against stronger radiation·
  • Their lenses are not replaceable

Shade 5 Welding Glasses & Their Key features

Shade 5 Welding Glasses & Their Key features

Soft-padded frames

These glasses have a soft pad around the lens frame. This makes them more comfortable when worn for longer periods. Eyes are too delicate so you would want to have any hard object near them. This pad helps to keep a good environment for the eye. In addition, they leave no marks on someone’s head after wearing for a long duration.

Harm-resistant lenses

They are both scratch and UV-resistant lenses thus offering solid protection against rays and a clear range of vision to the user. Quality is ensured through these types of lenses. This means that accident-causing breakage and scratches will not find their way to your eyes. Everyone likes to stay free from loss and harm and these glass shades do exactly that.

Perfect head wrappin

The glasses are well-wrapped to fit the user’s head. The manufacturers are conscious of different head shapes and sizes. This feature helps to leave a room for wide vision coverage as well as sufficient protection from debris and dust. Total protection for the user is given a priority.

Best Recommended Shade 5 Welding Glasses

In this category, Miller Electric Shade 5.0 would make a great choice. It does its job to perfection and has a stylish design.

Little info about Miller Electric Shade 5.0 Welding Safety Glasses, Scratch-Resistant by Miller Electric – 

  1. Price For: Each Photochromatic
  2. Lens: No Includes: Rubber Earpad Series: ArcArmor UV Protection: 99.9%
  3. Frame Material: Polycarbonate Lens Material: Polycarbonate Metal Detectable: No Foam Lined: Yes Safety Glasses Frame Style: Full-Frame Item: Welding Safety Glasses Size: Universal Gender: Unisex Primary Lens Color: Green Standards: ANSI Z87.1
  4. Polarized Lens: No Frame Design: Wraparound X-Ray Detectable: No Lens Color: Shade 5.0 Frame Color: Black Primary Frame Color: Black Temple Color: Black Country of Origin (subject to change): Taiwan


  • Most effective when cutting with a grind metal or a torch·
  • More comfortable compared to other glasses or goggles·
  • One can wear the glasses for a long time without harm or marks on their heads·
  • They are durable since they resist UV rays and scratch·
  • Offer extra protection from debris, dirty air and dust


  • Unsuitable for any MIG/TIG welding·
  • Cannot be used by people with initial eyes problems

Shade 10 Welding Glasses & Their Key features

Shade 10 Welding Glasses & Their Key features

A cool retroactive design

The glasses possess a retro design, which holds the side guards. The design is cool enough to offer extra protection for the eyes and generally feel comfortable over the head.

Scratch-resistant and replaceable lenses

Its lenses are resistant to scratches as well as replaceable in case they are damaged. This feature offers a sense of durability and assurance to enough protection. The lenses offer shade with a slightly green color. Quality and durability are similarly assured with this type of glasses.

Lightweight and comfortable frame

The frame is lightweight and feels comfortable all the time you have them on. This means the glasses are comfortable to wear and carry around without struggle. They are also very closely fitted though one can comfortably put on their prescribed glasses. For those with a doctor’s prescription on spectacles, wearing shade 10 glasses would not be a big issue.

Best Recommended Shade 10 Welding Glasses

Here you can go with Shade 10 Googles, which is greatly designed and will do a great job protecting your eyes.

Little info about GLASSES SHADE 10 GOGGLES – 

  1. These are Safety Glasses Shade #10. These eye protection glasses are made by ATHERMAL. The glasses have a Green Lens Glass and can be used for soldering as well as some melting projects. The #10 Shade Glasses are the darkest ones available.
  2. ATHERMAL glass offers eye protection for welding operations. These glasses offer high optical quality, dimensional stability resistance to radiation, scratch resistance. The agreeable grey-green color of ATHERMAL assures observation without fatigue.
  3. Glasses are black, lightweight plastic – very comfortable with adjustable earpieces and replaceable polycarbonate lenses. CE approved. You can’t get better.
  4. Made in Germany


  • They are best for low or medium amperage focusing·
  • They can last for a long period of time· 
  • In case of damage, their lenses can be replaced· 
  • They are light and comfortable· 
  • Some produce colored rays


  • Not suitable for high amperage welding since they are not sufficiently dark·
  • Too dark to see around the garage until the welding arc is started.

Shade 12 welding glasses & Their Key features

Shade 12 welding glasses & Their Key features

Curved designed frames

Curved frames on these glasses’ design help to achieve a greatly increased sphere of vision and extra protection. There is a wide range to view your material as you weld. As the user, you are assured of protection since the glasses curve round to ensure that no harmful rays or dust can penetrate your eyes from the metal you are working on.

Too dark glasses

The glasses have intense darkness such that the user can see the welding arc only when the glasses are put on. It offers protection over high powered rays towards the user. This factor makes this brand fit for many welding applications. More than enough protection is ensured due to the darkness and you know that nothing puts your eyes into to any risk.

Valuable type of glass

High-quality glasses are fixed to deliver desired satisfaction at a great affordable price. Just like any other consumer, you would like to get value for your money. The highly valuable product delivers functionality and protection to the eyes like you have never witnessed before. There is a warranty given in the case the quality does not meet your expectation as a welder.

Microfiber bag accompaniment

This set comes with a microfiber bag to keep safe when you are not using them. This is yet another guarantee that you are getting glass shades dedicated to your safety and will be with you for a long time.

Best Recommended Shade 12 Welding Glasses

For the 12 shade welding glasses I would recommend Insight Welding Glasses 12.0. They will solidly protect your eyes in many welding works.

Little info about Insight Safety Welding Glasses (Shade 12) – 

  1. COMFORT: Clings to your face firmly, so it will not fall off.
  2. WRAP AROUND FRAME: Better Eye Protection, By Preventing UV Rays From More Than One Angle,
  3. EXTRAS: Every Pair Comes With A Microfiber Bag and Zippered Case.
  4. EXTRA DARK LENSES: Extra UV Ray protection.


  • They suit most welding applications due to their intense darkness·
  • They are of relatively high quality compared to other glasses·
  • They are firm when worn· 
  • A bag and case is given to the user


  • Unpleasantly too dark to wear·
  • Not everyone would like curved frames for glasses

Shade 14 Welding Glasses & Their Key features

Shade 14 Welding Glasses
Shade 14 Welding Glasses

Sunglasses look-alike

They resemble normal sunglasses in their outlook. If you are not keen enough you might think that they are not welding equipment. The main difference between these glasses and normal sunglasses is that when worn outside, one will not see anything at all unlike it is the case with normal glasses.

Intense dark glasses

The glasses are extremely darker than any other safety glasses. This implies that they can be used for all welding applications. No radiation can penetrate through them. Another unique function from this feature is that they are the only glasses which can be used to view the solar eclipse safely. Now you have one more reason why this set of shades should be the easy decision for you.

Lightweight in nature

Their comfortability and lightweight aspects make them the best protection goggles. Furthermore, they can be worn in circumstances where one is unable to wear a welding helmet. They are somehow stylish but that does not in any way hamper their functionality.

Higher radiation blocking power

They have the highest power to block radiation. This is so because they are known to block 97% of all IR radiation as well as 99% of all UV light. To the user, they are the highest shade glasses to offer maximum protection against all radiation rays. Here you have foolproof protection from any harm when welding.

Best Recommended Shade 14 Welding Glasses

When it comes to the darkest welding glasses, TITUS Welding Safety Goggles with Interchangeable Lenses is worth your money and will do a great job.

Little info about TITUS Welding Safety Goggles shade 14 with Interchangeable Lenses – 

  1. Multiple Shades • Comes with a variety of interchangeable lenses to fit your welding needs
  2. Professional Protection • ANSI Z87.1 Certified and EN175 Compliant
  3. Adjustable Comfort • Nose bridge and the head strap can adjust to fit your preferred comfort style
  4. Easy to Use • Lenses swap out easily for use and storage in the convenient carry case
  5. Bonus Padding • Additional lens padding is included to increase comfort and fit


  • Can be used to view solar eclipse thanks to their intense darkness·
  • Guarantees the highest level of protection against radiation· 
  • They are light and comfortable to wear· 
  • Best choice to be used in place of a welding helmet


  • They are pricey.·
  • Can only be used for welding applications and view the solar eclipse.

FAQs about Welding Glasses Shade

What is the most critical factor to consider when choosing welding safety glasses?

The shade number should help you make a great decision.

What does the shade number of welding glasses indicate?

It indicates the lens’ darkness. The higher the number the higher the level of darkness

Is it true that any shade can be used for all types of welding?

No, different shades are specified for different welding applications as well as the used amperage. Make inquiries before you end buying a product that will be useless for your work.

Which shade should be appropriate for welding of a carbon arc?

A minimum shade 14.

What is the main difference between the many shades of welding glasses?

They differ in the intensity of darkness of their lens and the amperage used for each.

Is there an assurance that wearing welding glasses would protect the user’s eyes?

Yes, from researchers and experienced welders, it is confirmed that welding glasses protect one from radiation.

Can all lenses of welding glasses be replaced?

No, only some are replaceable.

Check out This Guide if you want to customize your welding lenses. -> Best Shade 14 welding lenses, Best welding helmet to buy

Final Verdict

Overall, Philips Eclipse Shade 14 is my best recommendation. It is solid and can take on the light from all welding jobs. As a welder, am sure you would love to retain your proper eyesight just as God created you. You can live without the burden of frequently visiting eye clinics or probably taking medication for the same.

For some, it has already happened due to lack of protection but I would not like it to be the case with you. If you love your eyes, as well as your welding work, take good care of yourself through wearing the best shade welding glasses among other welding equipment. Take it from me that you will never regret choosing the best welding safety glasses shades for yourself and others in your workshop or garage. Prevention is better than cure. Choose wisely, protect yourself, and stay safe.


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