The 10 Best USB Wall Chargers In The Market

There are many USB Wall chargers available on the market as of 2019. Choosing one out of such a huge selection of options is not quite easy. Each product must be studied and analyzed thoroughly to choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

There are many features that an ideal USB Wall Charger must accommodate. For example, build quality, the number of ports, charging capacity and speed (in Volts and Ampere respectively), compatibility and much more. In this article, we have gathered 10 best USB Wall chargers in 2019 with detailed specifications. Make sure you apprehend all the products assiduously before making a choice.

Top 10 Best USB Wall Chargers in 2019

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1. RAVPower 6-Port USB Charger

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Our first pick for best USB Wall Chargers in 2019 in a 6-port USB wall charger by RAVPower. It can charge devices at the rate of 12A which is considered pretty average in this fast charging era but, it can charge up to 6 devices simultaneously. The product is manufactured with high-quality material which is rigid as well as provides a smooth surface finish. The overall design is classy and compact which is best for frequent travelers.

2. AmazonBasics One-Port 12-Watt USB Wall Charger

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We are pretty sure that you have about AmazonBasics when it comes to gadgets and products related to it. Nevertheless, AmazonBasic also produces USB One-port 12-watt Wall chargers. As there is only one port available, it might be a deal-breaker for some users. But, a massive 12 Watt output support is a game-changer. AmazonBasic products have a sturdy build quality and minimalistic design which is a decent advantage.

3. USB Wall charger By HopePow

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If you are passionate about charging multiple devices at once, USB Wall charger by HopePow is the best option available for you at the moment. The package includes a USB Wall charger block with 2 outlets. This device supports 5 Volts charging at 2.1 Ampere. Another important feature of this USB Wall charger is that it is quite small in size and very compact. For a price tag of $10.99, you can get a pack of 3 devices.

4. USB Wall Charger (4 port) By PISEN

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PISEN is a reliable brand in the field of tech products. As the name suggests, the most exciting feature of this USB Wall Charger is that it supports 4 port output. 2 of these ports are labeled as “Smart” ports. The difference between smart and regular port is that the smart ports can provide output up to 5V/2.4A and normal ports can only reach up to 5V/1.5 A.

5. Nekmit Dual Port USB Wall Charger

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This is an ultra-thin, low profile USB wall charger. This USB Wall charger provides two outlets which let you charge two devices simultaneously. An interesting feature of this product is the Smart IC technology. Due to this, the USB Wall Charger can detect the compatibility of your device and allow charging at maximum speed. This is a great option for those who are looking for a compact product which fits in tight surrounding comfortably.

6. USB Wall Charger Adapter by AILKIN

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This is a premium performance USB Wall charging station by AILKIN. For a price tag of a mere $10, you can avail the pack of 2 AILKIN USB Wall chargers. This device assures protection against any current surge or overheating problems that are observed in many generic products. The product is widely compatible with any USB powered device including tablets, mobiles, cameras, headphones, portable media players Etc.  

7. iClever USB Wall Charger

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This is a powerful 24W dual-port USB wall charger. This product also supports SmartID technology which is similar to the Smart IC technology mentioned above. An eye-catching feature of iClever USB Wall Charger is the hidden LED Indicators which are located inside the USB outlet. This LED lights up when the ports are connected to a USB Powered device, ensuring the flow of electricity.

8. Anker Dual USB Wall Charger

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There are over 50+ Million users of Anker products worldwide. Anker Dual USB Charger is designed for users who tend to travel a lot. Hence, the foldable pins feature comes in handy at the time of packing. The product’s build quality is quite hefty and rigid so that it can endure scrapes, bumps or drops without any problem. Various necessary properties like Surge protection, Temperature control, and Short circuit prevention can also be observed in the product.

9. Bestten Multi Outlet Wall Mount Adapter

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Bestten Multi Outlet Wall Mount Adapter is more of a permanent solution for all your simultaneous charging problems. This device hosts 4 USB outputs with 4.2A shared power output along with 3 regular 3 Pin AC outlets with 300 Jpules Surge rating. This product also works as a perfect device holder as it can extend along 2 slide-out holders. You can easily place any mobile or tablet on the holders for ease of access.

10. Zojoro 4-Port USB Wall Charger

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This USB Wall charger support 4 USB outlets. Hence, you can charge or power up to 4 USB powered devices simultaneously. The total shared capacity of this USB Wall charger is 40 Watt and it works flawlessly. It is comparatively a smaller and compact 4 port USB wall charger as compared with other 4 port chargers on the market. It also supports the Smart IC technology so compatibility won’t be an issue for any of us.


These were our top 10 picks for best USB Wall chargers in 2019. We hope that you have read about all the products and their specification carefully and finalized the one you need to buy. If you have any queries regarding the products mentioned in this article, you can reach us via the comment section below.

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